Make a comeback and finish your degree


Helping adults go back to and through college requires the engagement and investment of many in the community.

This is a space to highlight your partnerships and to show how these partnerships support your work.

Higher Ed

We partner with colleges and universities that are adult friendly. Partner colleges help with advising and often provide scholarships, fee waivers, and other incentives for Comebackers.

Business & Industry

Our partner employers are investing in developing local talent. Some offer tuition benefits and other incentives for Comebackers.


We work with elected and appointed government officials to improve policies that can benefit Comebackers, and to spread the word about postsecondary educational opportunities for adults in our community.

Workforce & Economic Development

We coordinate and collaborate with our workforce system and economic development organizations to make sure that Comebackers have up to date and relevant information about career opportunities in our community, and access to resources to help build their careers.

Community Social Services

We work closely with social service organizations to spread the word about our services, and to connect Comebackers to services that can help with financial, health, logistics, and other non-academic issues that can hinder a Comebacker’s success.


We rely on the generous support of our funders to keep our services free to Comebackers. These organizations recognize the importance of investing in our own – adults in the community, so that they in turn can support their family, friends, and neighbors.

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