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  • My name is Michael Johnson. I’m a non-traditional, 43-year-old graduating student in the Accelerated Behavioral Health and Science Program at Philadelphia University. It was not an easy decision to come back to school. Balancing family life, a... Read Full Testimonial
    Michael Johnson
    Michael JohnsonComebacker
  • Lang YComebacker
  • JakeComebacker
  • My journey began in 1987 when I first started college at Temple University. I was a mediocre student but always felt drawn to the field of communications. As an Advertising major, I enjoyed being creative. However, the... Read Full Testimonial

    Kimberly Mitchel
    Kimberly MitchelComebacker
  • Graduate! Philadelphia Comebacker Desiree Neal is a Philadelphia native who grew up in a family of singers and entertainers, and was destined to be a star in her own right. Some may know her by her... Read Full Testimonial

    Desiree Neal
    Desiree NealComebacker
  • Let me start by saying that my journey with Graduate! Philadelphia has been amazing. Graduate! Philadelphia is known for assisting adults in returning back to school. Even though that was not my case they did not turn me away.... Read Full Testimonial

    Luis Oqendo
    Luis OqendoComebacker